Hello, My (Stage) Name is Kitty.

Hello, My (Stage) Name is Kitty.

“The oldest profession [prostitution] is the most honest, for it exposes the bare bones of what civilization is all about. It’s the root of all professions.”

― Daniel SueloThe Man Who Quit Money

I suppose all aspiring bloggers begin writing in hopes that they will hit a record number of readers, become famous, and spotlight on at least one episode of something like Ellen Degeneres for their totally unique insight. I won’t lie to you, meeting Ellen is definitely heading my bucket list. Sadly though, I know in the back of my mind few of you will likely make it through this whole deal. Even in the best possible circumstance in which every literate and competent human being on planet Earth studies each of my posts with heated fervor, what I have to say has been repeated over and over again by writers, policymakers, and sex workers around the world. It’s been branded, criticized, and most often doubted by many who hear it.

To be entirely honest with you, I really don’t know what it is that I have to say. I guess that is no way to start off building a following. But there is so much I must learn, and so much I must experience, in order to even start to shed light on the injustices surrounding sex work. It is my hope that my personal experience as an exotic dancer, paying my way through an incredibly expensive and terribly traditional university can provide insight into the mysteries as well as the humanity behind the sex industry: lucrative and built on the backs of everyday superwomen.

The purpose of this blog is not only to expose what goes on behind the walls of motels and “titty” bars, but also within the horrors of sex and labor trafficking as well as within the lives of one in every four women who are abused at home. I think painting a clear distinction between the kind of sex work that is conducted by choice and the kind of work that violates basic human rights has to be considered when discussing violence and oppression against women.

Maybe my thoughts won’t solve the entire problem of sex or labor trafficking. Maybe I won’t succeed in granting human rights to sex workers. But perhaps what I have to say will reach the mind of even one hurting sister. Or maybe this blog will help me to realize for myself that I’m not alone in the struggle to be understood. We could only hope I guess?



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